Tuesday, October 30

Yo quise un Game 5 instead

Remember when the Rockies were in the World Series? They were filling us up with this great feeling and we just couldn't get enough. Then all of a sudden, they got swept by the Sox and left us writhing in agony and hollowed out on the inside. Remember?

Well, from 2 to 5 today you can synthesize that experience all over again, courtesy of Taco Bell and Major League Baseball, which agreed to give Americans a free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco because someone stole a base during the series. Better bring your rally towel to wipe the hot sauce from your face.


bethany said...

Base-stealers have no respect for vegetarians.

bethany said...

If a base is stolen during regulation or extra innings play by any player for either team, Taco Bell will offer every person in the U.S. the opportunity to obtain one (1) free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco (Approximate Retail Value 77¢, prices may vary) ("Free Taco") at participating Taco Bell® restaurants in the United States on the date designated herein. No product substitution, cash redemption or alternative will be allowed.

5 Alive said...

Why would anyone eat a taco when McRib is in town?

(I think McRibs come in vegan, beth.)

zaffos said...

Among famous baseball-playing veggies is Hank Aaron, who stole 240 bases during his career in addition to his 755 homeruns. That's right - no steroids or meat for Hammerin' Hank.

Also, Coors Field came in #6 on PETA's list of vegetarian-friendly ballparks because "Rockies fans can feast on Boca burgers, vegetarian burritos, a veggie wrap, veggie paninis, fruit kebabs, a baked potato, various salads, and a fire-roasted vegetable soup."


Fenway didn't even score an honorable mention, and some people even believe there is seasoned beef tangled up in ManRam's braids.

bethany said...

Wow! And that's number six? Delish! I'd like to experience the national pastime at PETA's ballpark numero uno. Heaven. It's too bad Hank isn't still stealing bases. He'd put an end to this crunchy beef crap. Bean burritos all around.

Josh J: re: the vegan McRib. It's a nice thought, but I don't believe you. I Googled "vegan McRib", and it only returned two results, and one of them was an emo MySpace profile. But I'll keep the dream alive.