Saturday, April 14

in getting to know your federal prosecutor...

No reports show Colorado's US Attorney Troy A. Eid tangled up in the partisan firings of his colleagues in eight other districts, but the scandal made me curious enough to troll the surfaces of our local prosecutor. Nothing too noteworthy at that level, but I did find some trivia-worthy stats.

The official site boasts the top sentences resulting from Project Safe Neighborhoods/Colorado Project Exile, a program that tracks and prosecutes federal firearms violations. The list descends according to length of sentencings. Two are lifers convicted of drug trafficking and felons in possession. Ten years is the minimum sentence listed, that one for felon in possession. The number of defendants charged in 2004 had more than tripled since 1998, the year before the project began.

The Sons of Silence is the only gang affiliation listed. Although urban legends about the group are prevalent in certain areas of the state — particularly Denver and Colorado Springs, the group's Colorado headquarters — I wonder how many Gen X and Y’ers have even heard of the bike bangers. (Note: The link to their Denver page keeps shutting down my browsers.) In the Springs, the moto-gang's heyday is generally (though I'm not sure how fairly) paralleled with the allegedly epidemic rise of meth use in the '80s.

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