Saturday, June 9

caturday with carlos

It's like Colorado's longstanding Columbus Day clash has gone mainstream and started five months early.

In the lobs between Representative Tom Tancredo and Senator Ken Salazar, all that's missing from the traditional Italians v. Latinos/American Indians scrap is Ward Churchill. (Although he did pop up last week for an interview with Ron Zappolo of Denver's FOX news affiliate.)

Last week, the Rocky tried to goad Salazar spokesman Cody Wertz into a battle with Tancredo mouthpiece Carlos Espinosa over the potential of a malleable Salazar v. obstinate Tancredo battle for Senate in 2010. Espinosa called it a "dream match-up." (What presidential bid?)

Espinosa's missives yesterday were equally entertaining. As Salazar held a press conference on the (f)ailing immigration reform, Espinosa pimped Tancredo's "victory" in stalling the Senate's immigration debate:

“This is a testament to the will of the American people and a great victory for our country,” said Tancredo. “It's time to move forward with what we should have been doing when this bill was originally passed is 1986, and consistently enforce the laws. I call it Plan A.”

A few short hours later, Espinosa sent another release. The subject line read: "Tancredo Reax to Salazar Presser on Failed Immigration Bill" [sic].

From the misspelling we can deduce that Espinosa either a) has taken up a linguistic study of Ebonics, or b) is a fan of the fabulously illiterate and web-trendy lolcats.

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