Wednesday, June 27


Just links for now, folks. The Tigers have a game tonight, and we're in need of some serious redemption after last week's double-header massacre. (In case you want to see us in action, our games have moved to Lee Martinez Park for the second half of the season.)

Thanks to Dan Brogan, owner, editor and publisher of 5280, for commenting on the post "perfect couple?" from Monday. The full article on Jeff Finlin is now available on 5280's site.

Finally, if you missed the New York Times last Sunday, Gustavo made the front page of the Style section, or Fashion, or one of them anyway. I missed it online.

And save a date (although I can't tell you which one): Gustavo will be in town soon, so stay tuned for me to get my shit together so we have him to ourselves one night in the Fort. There's talk of an exclusive Geeks Who Drink Tequila. If it fails, I'm personally responsible.

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