Friday, July 13

Chronicle Press Release

July 13, 2007

What’s next for NOW?

FORT COLLINS, COLO. — Earlier today, the Rocky Mountain Chronicle, now Larimer County’s only independent weekly newspaper, reserved the name “Fort Collins NOW” with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Coincidentally, the daily Greeley Tribune, which recently “merged” with the Fort Collins Weekly, announced plans to change the name of the Weekly to Fort Collins Now.

This presents a conflict.

The Chronicle reserved the name as a surprise for News Editor Joshua Zaffos, who is a well-known pie maker in Paonia, Colorado, and has always dreamed of providing fresh pies, made mostly with North Fork Valley cherries and Palisade peaches, to northern Front Range communities. Not frozen pies, but fresh-from-the-oven pies, which need to be eaten now, hence the name.

In the spirit of preserving goodwill amongst Northern Colorado publications, Chronicle Associate Publisher Josh Johnson says the alternative weekly is happy to relinquish its hold on the trademarked name “Fort Collins Now,” despite protests from Mr. Zaffos.

“But we have some stipulations,” Johnson says.

“We want fruit pies. And not just any fruit pies, but local, independent pies. How can a pie be local and independent? Glad you asked: All pie ingredients must have been produced locally, meaning in Colorado, not Nevada, and must come from an independent vendor, meaning farmers’ market, co-op or farm — not a mass distributor. Plus, the pie maker (Mr. Zaffos is taking bids) must reside in Larimer County.

“In exchange for the name, we’re offering the new publication two Pie Payment Plans: two pies every Friday for six weeks; or, one large payment of 16 pies.

“Also, some of our staffers have special dietary needs that must be respected: One pie must be sugar-free; another should be free of citric acid; and one must be both vegan and gluten-free.”

Johnson says the Chronicle is looking forward to hearing from “the other Fort Collins Now.”

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phil said...

Ha! Pies! Throw the pies? Viva Chroncle!