Friday, July 20

happy happy birfday

Tomorrow marks the Big 32 for associate publisher/editor Josh Johnson (aka 5 Alive). Proving that you can take the boy out of Jersey but never the Jersey out of the boy, he's opting for a day at the races. That would be car races, and if you're feeling hydrated, meet him out at the Colorado National Speedway, just off I-25 in Dacono (4281 Weld County Road 10), for a day of booze and bronze under the sweltering sun. (Sunblock is essential, people. It's impossible to feel the altitude when you've lived this high your entire life, but you're still thousands of feet closer to the sun than people in, say, Yuma, Arizona.)

And here are a coupla tips from someone who canvassed the area as a campaign organizer:

Dacono is pronounced da-cone-ah. Watch out for pit bulls. (I'm not kidding.)

There are two great, Twighlight-ish little local bars in Fredrick (the seat of the Tri-Town area, as Fredrick-Firestone-Dacono are known) on Fifth Street. Jump off I-25 at Highway 52 and head east (toward Fort Lupton). Take a left on Main Street, then a right on Fifth. The town is so small you can't possibly get lost. The meatball and sausage sammies at the bar that serves food (not Suzie Q's, which has pool tables and karaoke) are good eatin', although if you're feeling like Colorado-style Mexican, there's a Santiago's nearby. I can't remember the exact location, but if you stop at the weird gas station off the exit (with the gi-normous American flag), they'll tell you.


Andy said...

Ahhh, early November tequila in Frederick, Colorado. Those were the days!

jt said...

Funny...Birthday boy and a few of us were talking last night about how much John Kerry sucked.

Andy said...

As V can probably attest, the guy's campaign screwed his field organizers and paid canvassers all across the country, and then lost the election with $12 million still in the bank. Go figure. What a douche!