Monday, July 23

"I don't know. We made brownies. And I think we're dead..."

It's hard not to notice all the major marijuana busts going down in Larimer County lately. Several of them have netted -- not sinister drug dealers, but -- compassionate caregivers who are growing medical marijuana for registered patients in the state. The Chronicle closely followed the saga of medical marijuana providers and patients James and Lisa Masters through the court system this winter and spring, including a number of bizarre twists before the county D.A.'s office dropped its case this June. Now, another bust of another medical cannabis operation is gaining attention in Northern Colorado.

The Larimer County Drug Task Force claims it doesn't target weed growers, and hopefully the string of arrests isn't related to pot-ingesting ambitions of police officers, like this case in Dearborn, Mich.:

The whole five-plus minute 911 call is also online, but that version doesn't include Seattle/Tacoma's Q13 Fox anchorwoman Parella Lewis' snorting laughter.

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