Saturday, July 28

peace out

Late night out after introducing and discussing the film War Made Easy, based on the book by media critic Norman Solomon and narrated by Sean Penn, for Strength Through Peace's salon movie series. The discussion turned from the propaganda-loving media to news of Carolyn Bninski's sentencing.

Bniniski, a staff member of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center in Boulder, was sentenced to thirty days in jail and a $500 dollar fine for a recent act of civil disobedience at Representative Mark Udall's Westminster office.

Bninski is a high-profile activist on the Front Range, and I'm certain a lot of her comrades have plenty to share about the result of this trial, but I'm also certain they wouldn't be pleased if I queried them at 2 a.m. Here's the Denver Post article Bruce Finley posted about seven hours ago.

Other activists were arrested at Udall's office with Bninski, but she was the only one who got hit with jail time. Her previous arrests for civil disobedience, apparently, sealed that fate. But those at tonight's salon, some of whom have been arrested with Bninski, called bullshit on the deal, saying that activists with longer disobedient rap sheets haven't been dealt an equivalent punishment.

And it's now officially long past my bedtime...

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