Thursday, August 16


Just got word that Chronicle film columnist Louis Fowler will no longer be writing his Damaged Viewing column for the paper. His loyal following will surely miss him, and I promise to hunt down a new pop-culture fixture while we're soliciting more arts writers. School is in the air, so we're hoping to add some fresh bylines to all departments very soon.

A couple of other announcements I can make now:

Wendy Norris' weekly political column Unbossed will run just once per month beginning in September. Wendy is the managing editor of, a progressive investigative and public policy blog funded by the Center for Independent Media, which has become a wildly successful model for others like it around the country. Wendy will be traveling frequently to help get those projects off the ground and checking in with the Chronicle at the beginning of every month to keep us in touch with the ideas percolating at the forefront of the state's progressive movements.

This week will be Kris Kodrich's last as a regular (every other week) essayist. Kodrich is officially off hiatus to teach journalism once again at CSU. He's promised to submit columns when he's inspired and has time throughout the school year. His off-week counterpart, Jennifer Loviglio, will continue to share her XX Files, and an open call for essays from the writing public will appear in this week's paper. I'll post one here too. (Former Bullhorn readers will recognize what we're looking for by the column name, InhaleExhale. )

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ZAF622 said...

It can be tough to find an art writer in this town.