Wednesday, August 22

this just in: avo's jazz festival: the first one, on the first


Avogadro's Number presents an impressive lineup of jazz acts all day on Saturday, September 1 in this inaugural edition of a new tradition, the First Annual Avogadro's Jazz Festival.

Live music will fill both the pleasant outdoor environment of the Patio and the quirky, mural-bedecked Stage Room. The all-ages, family-friendly event also offers a buffet-style selection of BBQ dishes with a la carte pricing, as well as soft drinks and a bar.

The Patio show includes the Aakash Mittal Quartet, Jazz Extraordinaire, the Just Jazz Quintet, the Mark Manges Project with Rosann Winn, and Hot Club Nouveau.

In the Stage Room, these musicians can be heard: the Poudre River Irregulars; David Williams and Deco Django, with Bill Pontarelli; and the Montgomery Jazz Group with Mary Buirgy. This last act will be followed by a late-night jam, winding down about 11:30.

The $10 admission charge gets you everything from old-school 1920s nostalgia, to straight-ahead contemporary, to gypsy swing jazz.

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