Tuesday, September 25

Arapaho-Roosevelt recreation analysis is out

The Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest And Pawnee National Grasslands (ARP) has released its Recreation Facility Analysis (RFA). At least 10 sites are recommended for potential decommissioning and the report also notes that several sites need improvements and increased maintenance, which could lead to new fees at some recreation sites, although the analysis does not discuss that option.

As previously detailed in the Chronicle, the assessment is part of a nationwide effort -- formerly called Recreation Site Facility Master Planning -- to catalog forest recreation sites that are costing the Forest Service money. The process has received strong criticism from forest user groups and opponents of recreation fees, who say it has lacked public input.

Other forest analyses have proposed shutting down up to half of the recreation sites, but the ARP isn't getting that harsh treatment. However, without an examination of future fees at trailheads and other access areas, it's still unclear if there will be some sweeping changes to our local public lands.

From the Forest Service press release:
“Although the RFA is not a decision making process, I invite the public to
provide their feedback on the recommendations provided by this analysis,”
ARP Forest Supervisor Glenn Casamassa said. “In case there is a need to
modify our recommendations, I would appreciate your comments as soon as

To comment on the Proposed Plan of Work or to obtain a copy of the plan, contact Forest Recreation Manager Paul E. Cruz at 970-295-6614.

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