Monday, September 24

Illegal parking?

In non-Collegian-cussing news, Poudre Valley Hospital got the OK for its precious four-story hospital parking deck and medical office building last Friday, but the residents of University Acres in Fort Collins aren't giving up just yet.

Several neighbors are considering an appeal of the city's planning & zoning board's decision to approve the structure and building - they have to do so within 14 days and fork over $100. Then city council would consider the matter.

According to a memo from resident Bill Van Eron to other neighbors, he reiterates that they think the city board did not consider violations to land-use code because the parking structure will not "continue the vitality and quality of life in adjacent residential neighborhoods" as required of such "Employment zone" growth. The Chronicle covered the zoning concerns in a September 20 article.

The group of neighbors also seems interested in pushing the city to rezone the area to remove Employment zoning from the residential side of Lemay Avenue, thereby limiting the hospital's capability to build a parking lot a block from homes.

Should council side with the P&Z Board, we might all have to reconsider how four-story buildings or other features will enhance other neighborhoods around FC - can you say, "Forty-foot-high ferris wheel," Martinez Park? Or how about a massive statue of Rolland Moore the man in Rolland Moore the neighborhood, maybe with an observatory and gelatto stand up top?

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