Wednesday, September 26

Paccione - Out

Angie Paccione has apparently just called a hasty press conference at the Lincoln Center and announced she is dropping out of the CD-4 race. More as this little tidbit develops...


5 Alive said...

Ok, we just got a call from an anonymous source that suggested Betsy Markey may announce this afternoon that she's prepared to offer Paccione vice-congressperson/running mate on her ticket!

vanessa said...

Here's Markey's official statement, verbatim from the release:

I want to congratulate Angie on her role with Pathways to Leadership. The job and organization sound ideally suited to Angie's considerable talents, and they are lucky to have her.

As Democrats, Angie and I share a firm commitment to bringing change to Washington by defeating Marilyn Musgrave in 2008. Our member of Congress should bring reason and common-sense leadership on the issues that we all care about - getting our brave servicemen and women out of Iraq in an intelligent manner, making health care more affordable and more accessible,
and making sure our schools remain among the best in the nation.

Marilyn Musgrave has failed us by not focusing on those issues, and it is my hope that Democrats across the Fourth District will unite behind my candidacy and help me bring the change we need to Washington.

Annie said...

Congratulations Angie !

It is exciting when someone as capable as Angie is recognized by a major corporation for the assets she can bring Pathways to Leadership on a full-time basis. Congratulations Angie.

It is now time for those of us who have supported Angie in the past to go forward and support Betsy Markey.  We are fortunate to have such a remarkable candidate who can represent the Democratic principles so well in the 4th district and be able to beat Ms. Musgrave. 

I've heard Betsy speak once and was impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the issues that face all Americans and especially those who live in the 4th. She is an independent thinker who will work for all the citizens of Colorado, especially the 4th. 

I went to Betsy's website to see what was written today about Angie's departure from the web.  It was a very gracious statement - as I fully expected. I urge all readers to do so -