Friday, September 21


The week in Oh snaps! (Although I may be incorrectly using the phrase. When Josh and I were margarita-ing the other night, he explained something about the most common usage being an affirmative response. So, Josh, if I'm wrong here, please comment.)

Oh snap! Team Fort Collins recommended that bars and other liquor slingers advertise in the Chronicle rather than the Collegian to reduce temptations of freshman and sophomores to indulge in the sin juice. Collegian editors aren't so keen on that idea.

Oh snap! Yes, in a hasty revision and a hasty edit of that revision, there is a mistake in Target Practice this week. It's my bad, and my sincere apologies to Sustainable Living Fair organizers, but particularly my dear friend and former Bullhorn colleague Kellie Falbo. The fair just celebrated its eighth year. My original column referred to "my six years" at the fair; but in changing the awkward construction, that "six" slipped through.

Oh snap! Yes, there is a mistake on the cover, although when I've put it in front of people, nobody catches it. Sadly, it seems many people don't know what it means. The web PDF has been corrected.

Oh no she di'n't! One reader in Windsor has accused us of being unpatriotic and indecent, presumably for this week's cover, which portrays our president as one totally unsexy bitch. In looking up the proper spelling for "di'n't," I discovered that a "hollaback girl" isn't truly interested in exchanging verbal fire. From Urban Dictionary:

It seems as though Ms. Stefani has had some incidents in which another young, presumably female, individual has made some disparaging remarks about her character. Upon learning of the situation, Ms. Stefani is informing this “culprit” that she intends to handle this matter physically. Ms. Stefani’s character is such that she is not the type of person who counters verbal attacks with verbal attacks, or “hollering back.” Using terminology that is commonplace among today’s youth, this is shortened to “hollaback.” Additionally, it appears as though this altercation will take place somewhere near the bleachers.

I heard that you were talking shit
And you didn't think that I would hear it
People hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up
So I'm ready to attack, gonna lead the pack
Gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out
That's right, put your pom-poms downs, getting everybody fired up

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