Thursday, September 20

thursday morning headlines UPDATED

Sorry for the delay. Connection has been turtling for the past few hours.

New Chronicle on the streets today. Our second annual Censored issue, brought to you with help from our friends at the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Park and collide: Tow-to-toe with FCPD in Buckingham.

Day in black: Support the Jenna six.

Dobson on Thompson: Not literally.

Immigrant nation: Legally fond.

Silver bells: Have stopped ringing.

They still have a DREAM: “Let them be educated!”

Plane Jane: Meet the latest airline activist. (Extra credit: Brave listening to the anthem linked mid-first-page.)

Bund-doggle: More Hsus in the closet.

Failing crop: Another Bush official bites the dust.

Go 'head get down: If your money was on 50.

“And I ran…”: “Iran so far away?”

What’s the frequency?: Dan Rather sues CBS.

Video: A classic Rather moment, rockin’ with REM.

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