Thursday, October 18

the gunderground

Local photographer Darren Mahuron of the famous Summit Studios, Portland ceramic artist Erin Mortensen and local painter Jaquelynn Woodley will be opening a brandy new art gallery, The Gallery Underground, on November 2. But first things first: While the space is being renovated, the trio launched the MySpace space, which features images of the owners' art as well as local notable painters Rachel Hererra and Amanda Marie.

Pretty exciting news, actually: If The Gunderground, as I think I'll call it, lives up to its hopes of creating "a safe place for artists to take risks," Fort Collins may finally have a home for truly challenging work.

From the MySpace page:

The Gallery Underground will feature contemporary artists that don't feel at home in other venues in Fort Collins.This gallery will not censor.

This environment will also be refreshing for the art buyer as well. A place to discover work that is hard to find in Fort Collins.

We hope to help make Fort Collins more of an art destination. We feel like there is a market for art that is original, art that has a message, and isn't just purchased to match the dining room drapes.

We have all spoken to local artists who have changed their direction from doing edgy work to something more safe for the market. That mindset is dangerous. We believe we can educate the art buying public about the importance of the individual, and their voice.

No address is yet provided on the page, but The Gunderground invites folks to celebrate the opening at the studio from 7pm to Midnight on November 2 with food, wine, art and music by Sara Boyd and Alana from The Slow Crash.

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