Tuesday, October 2

High on the Rockies; stoned with the Broncos?

While just about every Colorado sports fan is channeling love towards the Rockies, those rapscallions over at the pro-cannabis group SAFER -- that is, Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation -- have just bought up a billboard across from Invesco Field to tell prodigal pot-smoking running back Ricky Williams that he should consider playing for the Broncos in Denver, where citizens have voted to decrease penalties for smoking marijuana. Williams just asked to be reinstated to the league yesterday after being suspended for 18 months for smoking weed.

According to the press release, SAFER is hoping some Broncos players might pipe in with some support, but I say if this team keeps playing like they're stoned, I'm starting a movement to suit up Matt Holliday in football pads and see how he does on the gridiron. He can't look much worse than the Broncos defense so far this year.

From the SAFER press release:
"The National Football League's marijuana policy is just as irrational as our federal government's marijuana policy," said SAFER Executive Director Mason Tvert. "In both cases, authorities are steering adults toward using alcohol and punishing them for making the safer choice to use marijuana instead. If Roger Goodell and every NFL player over 21 can go home after a game and have a drink, there is no reason why Ricky Williams should not be allowed to go home and use a less harmful drug.

"Why on earth would the NFL steer some of the biggest, strongest, and toughest men in America away from marijuana and toward a drug that contributes to violent and aggressive behavior?" Tvert said. "In Denver, the people support Ricky Williams's safer choice, and we would be delighted to see him come play for the Broncos."

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