Wednesday, October 24

his posse's on ... crack

In another, even more egregious, case of harassment of the press, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent his posse out to arrest Village Voice Media executives in the homeland of their flagship alternative newsweekly, Phoenix New Times. The publisher and executive editor have been on the crazy sheriff's shit list for printing his home address in their paper.

Arpaio, a hearty supporter of Tom Tancredo, is best known for his dramatic immigrant-bashing antics, including the building of a tent prison to detain the undocumented. He has a knack for influencing other nutty Wild West sheriff's, like his friend in El Paso County, Sheriff Terry Maketa. (Arpaio boosted Maketa's tent project during a visit to the Springs.)

In a show of solidarity with New Times, other member papers with the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies are publishing the sheriff's address on their websites this week. The Society of Professional Journalists has also officially expressed their support.

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