Tuesday, October 16

morning headlines

Oh, you didn't hear?: Rockies are going to the World Series

And so, today is Purple Tuesday: At least that's what Hickenlooper says

Iraq: "Nightmare with no end in sight.": Says former commander of American forces

Good news: Cancer deaths drop

When Rams retire: Or contemplate it, at least

Comparing notes: Betsy Markey waaay behing Musgrave in fund raising

Obama thinks that's a good thing: Trailing behind Clinton offers opportunity

It's the bomb!: Hardee's new burrito guarantees weight gain

US to honor Dalai Lama: China pissed!

And in honor of Purple Tuesday, we give you Gogol Bordello:


bethany said...

thanks for the morning shot of gogol. that new album is really something special. i think i would like to be eugene hutz's wonderlust queen. are you all going to see them in boulder later this month?

vanessa said...

i get to see them (my first time!) in vegas during the vegoose festival. the first night could quite possibly be the best night of music i'll see in my life. (gogol, mia, thievery corp, public enemy, cypress hill and daft punk to name the heavies.) very exciting stuff.

bethany said...

that is an incredible lineup! i'd never heard of the vegoose festival before, but i just looked it up... it sounds absolutely awesome! are you wearing a costume?