Wednesday, October 17

my column will be wrong

We're hoping that the printer hasn't started running our paper yet, but if they have, one of the entries I wrote for the column "Target Practice" is likely to contain incorrect information.

Based on a press release received by the campaign of U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer, I wrote that, regarding campaign donations, he "is reporting more than $800,000 for the quarter, tipping his total on-hand holdings over the $1,500,000 mark and thus making the Fort Collins Republican the state's most financially successful federal candidate so far this cycle."

But according to an Associated Press article with a dateline of today, that last part isn't true. As of our press time, the FEC had yet to post official numbers, and so I used those sent by the Schaffer campaign via release.

However, the AP reports that Schaffer's Democratic challenger, Representative Mark Udall, has twice as much as Schaffer.

The FEC has not posted official reports on third-quarter campaign finances for either candidate.

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