Thursday, October 11

thursday morning headlines


"If anyone thinks we can have perpetual population growth in a state, country or planet and maintain a decent and healthy quality of life, then they must be smoking crack."
Fort Collins City Councilman Kelly Ohlson,
during Tuesday night's work session on growth.

Hutch and Hick: Teaming up on CO2.

The real Marilyn Musgrave: Partisan as ever.

Head for the hills: A-Basin opens.

Weld's grape hope: A winery in Milliken?

Scientologists protest: But Tom Cruise still won’t come out of the closet.

Legal legacy?: Transforming Columbus Day with international precedent.

The pullout method: Will the Marines leave Iraq?

Men in black: Let the judges spy instead.

Immigration policy: No match for Frisco judge.

Kernels of wisdom: Sugarcane is better.

Armenian genocide: Nobody’s business but the Turks’?

Home worked: Fighting foreclosures with affordable housing.

Space lift: Astronautical firsts.

Tannin bomb: Hsu’s valuables.

Dead wrong: Schooling Americans on child mortality.

Retail value: Indians act locally.

Inside the Myanmar crackdown with AlJazeera:

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