Tuesday, October 9

when public art is graffiti

Though the City of Fort Collins "is fortunate to have a 24-hour, 7 day a week "Graffiti Hotline" where citizens can call to report graffiti on their and other's properties," according to the city's graffiti hot line page, citizens are fortunate public murals still exist. Seriously, read the site. They tell you to call 9-1-1 if you see graffiti in progress. So, when people are doing sanctioned murals in the daytime do the citizen graffiti cops clog 9-1-1 with calls?

We need more color in our world. Sure, there's the one by the Museum of Contemporary Art, but lately there seems to be a minor proliferation. Point one: the utility boxes. Lately, clearly sanctioned colors have been popping up on these usual eyesores. And yesterday, this sprouted on a wall in the alley between College Ave. and Mason St., around the corner from KRFC studios and down the Alley from Alley Cat.

Gorgeous, if you ask me. Not sure what language it's written in, but it's so vibrant, and clearly must be sanctioned, brightening up an otherwise dull alley.

This next one, however, is some sort of Ram propaganda that popped up in the old Steele's building on Mountain Ave. Vacant for like six or so years now, the building has been a canvas for both sanctioned and unsanctioned graff. This crap is clearly sanctioned.

It doesn't even look done! At least finish it.

If you've seen graffiti in Larimer County worth noting, email Josh here.


vanessa said...

Ouch! A little hard on those young artists, aren't you, Josh? I think that Steele's wall is a class project. Like, kids, not CSU students. I don't expect them to be down with a crew. Maybe when they get a little older, a couple of them might be stay inspired to tag wild style. They'll need more constructive criticism in the meantime, though, don't you think?

zaffos said...

I heard it was actually the CSU football team that did it, which might explain why it wasn't completed -- because the Rams sure can't seem to finish off an opponent. Zing!

5 Alive said...

If anyone knows for sure who did it, please contact Vanessa. She'd like the artist(s) to incomplete a piece on the side of her garage.