Friday, November 16

geek out!

Here are some pics from Tuesday night's special edition of Geeks Who Drink, with celebrity quizmaster Gustavo Arellano, author of the weekly column and book by the same name, "Ask A Mexican," which we syndicate in the Chronicle.

Thanks much to Gustavo, for driving from Denver, where he was doing business and Jay Marvin's show; Matter Bookstore, for buying books (and selling all but one!); Avo's staff, for keepin' it real; Chronicle Marketing Director Dawn Paepke, for working her ass off, as usual; News Editor Joshua "Wolfman" Zaffos, for running sound and scoring; Fort Collins-based photographer and frequent Chronicle contributor Todd Newcomer, for taking kick-ass pictures; and, of course, all the Chronicle readers, for representin'.

Let's do it again sometime.

Contrary to popular belief, Mexicans can read and even write in English!

Gustavo signs for fans.

Even making announcements, I look bitchy.

Josh (Johnson) lays down the quizmaster law, saying "fuck" in front of a lot of people on various occasions. Somebody call the BSC police!

Gettin' our Geek on. I think the face of the Geeks empire has been discovered.

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