Wednesday, November 28

Sunday blues versus Sunday booze

While back in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, I got to watch football with some high school friends, which was pretty great except for that the Broncos had me screaming at the TV like I was 15 years old again (I actually grew up a Jersey Broncos fan). The only thing that made the Donkeys' collapse against the Bears partly tolerable was that I had a few beers in me -- beers I had purchased earlier in the day, which of course we can't do here in Colorado. Our state is among 16 with a "blue law" that prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sunday.

The Denver Post reported yesterday that several state lawmakers are looking at tweaking the Sunday prohibition -- again, after prior failures -- to allow the sale of beer greater 3.2 than percent alcohol content, wine and liquor.

Some de-prohibition proposals could get paired with other agendas. A local healthcare official told me some people in the industry would like to see an increased beverage excise tax on alcohol purchases to help fund substance abuse programs in Colorado, since we're dismally close to last in the nation in that category. I say serve it up already; my Sunday bar tab sucks up way too much of my salary.

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