Friday, November 9

Uranium's public face says bye-bye

Lane Douglas has quit the position of Colorado land and project manger for Powertech (USA), the company planning to mine for uranium in Weld County. Douglas says the two parted ways in amicable fashion, as he gave his two weeks notice and put in his last day on Wednesday.

"I want to make clear that Powertech and I have no beef with each other," he says, adding that he hopes to become a consultant and continue working in other roles with the Canadian-based energy corporation. Douglas took a lot of flak, over the last couple of months at public meetings, as Powertech's talking head. Opposition to the project is growing as of late, with Rep. Marilyn Musgrave joining the anti-uranium fray.

Even with his title gone Douglas is still cheerleading for the controversial Centennial Project, which would open up 5,760 acres of land in Weld County to drilling. "I still believe in uranium mining. I still believe in nuclear energy."

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