Thursday, November 15

Where writers aren't on strike

I know, the jokes about writers striking abound. They're not exactly steel workers, and I imagine there's two lattes and a BlackBerry for every picket sign. But the writers have a point, and I love that they are standing up for what they deserve. Still, it's a bit scary to think that the funny may be replaced by more "reality" TV if this isn't settled soon, though I wonder if reality TV writers are striking. (It is fake, right?)

Here at the Chronicle we're not striking; we're not members of the Writer's Guild. But at least I want to show support for the folks that are. To follow the writer's side, check in with United Hollywood.

The first is a clip from a "Daily Show" writer. There's moments where the humor is so "Daily Show"-esque one might think he's ripping off John Stewart. Truth is, John Stewart reads this guy's jokes on the show.

Then there's this more straight forward, ad-like clip:

These CEOs need to pay their writers fairly and bring back the funny already.

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