Friday, November 2

Wolf man looks at 3rd Congressional District

Wayne Wolf, the Western Slope Republican who just two months ago announced he was running Senate, is now instead eyeing the 3rd Congressional District.

The 56-year-old rancher and Delta County commissioner, while a local favorite, found no support from the Powers That Be — Colorado's Republican leadership — which hold up Fort Collins' conservative golden boy, Bob Schaffer, as their party's "de facto" nominee. Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams consulted the Republican National Committee's rule book in designating Schaffer the nominee. The move opens the party's cash spigots for Schaffer, who is trailing Boulder County Democrat Mark Udall in fundraising.

See my Nov. 1 Chronicle article here.

Rep. John Salazar, a Democrat, won the 3rd District seat in 2004. The seat covers an expansive district that includes Pueblo in the southeast and Grand Junction in the northwest. Prior to 2004, it was held by Scott McInnis, a Republican.

Wolf will know for sure whether he's running after he talks to party insiders about his chances. He also wants to know something else: "I want to see what kind of support there is for me," Wolf said.

The Denver Post caught caught up with the Chronicle story — and Wolf — knocking out a brief on the subject today.

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