Friday, December 14

tonight: uranium film

The prospect of a uranium mine in Nunn is finally on the radars of everyone downstream in Larimer County, and that’s a very good thing. But the concept of in-situ mining is so novel to most of us that we’ve only just begun to develop an awareness of the issue, which has concentrated on the environmental consequences of nuclear energy.

Tonight the Center for Justice, Peace and the Environment is exploring the social and cultural consequences, as well, with a viewing of Academy Award-winning documentary The Four Corners: A National Sacrifice?

The event is part of CJPE’s Salon duc Tape series, a free public forum that promotes discussion of issues important to progressives. The salon starts at 7 p.m. in the basement of Mug’s Coffee Lounge, on the northwest corner of Olive Street and College Avenue in Fort Collins. Call 419-8944.

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Zaffos said...

Powertech took out a full page in the Coloradoan today (but not in the front page section), a sort of open letter to the Fort Collins City Council regarding the approved resolution opposing uranium mining. One of the company's beefs is that the project would happen in Weld County, not Larimer, and Fort Collins is setting up unrealistic expectations that the city and its residents have a say in this decision.

Of course, we can argue that this is our say and our council representatives are doing their job of passing a measure called for by the people they represent. And besides, it's not like Powertech or any corporation can stop toxic pollution at a county boundary.