Tuesday, January 22

BREAKING: Coloradoan dealing for Collegian buyout

Vanessa is down at Colorado State campus right now and catching news that CSU president Larry Penley is meeting with Coloradoan publisher Christine Chin and editor Bob Moore right now to talk about a potential purchase of the university paper by Gannett. Editors at the Collegian are picketing the rumored sellout.

We've reported on some of the cozy relations between Gannett, which owns the Coloradoan, USA Today and hundreds of other newspapers, and CSU. The school's Student Media boss, Jeff Browne, has even publicly fretted over such a buyout. Gannett undertook a similar deal in Tallahassee, Florida, in 2006, buying Florida State University's student paper.

Vanessa spoke with editor Dave McSwane, who said student media officials seemed to be unaware of the pending discussion. Apparently, student government president Katie Gleeson is also in on the talks right now.

We'll follow up later in the afternoon.


vanessa said...

I have had a chance to speak with representatives from the Collegian, Coloradoan and CSU. We have to ship off to press within a couple of hours, however, so I won't be able to update just yet. I will do so later this evening or later tonight.

For the time being, however, the line from the school and the Coloradoan is that this was a "very preliminary" discussion, but the students are (and very rightly so, in my opinion) upset that they were not invited to represent their paper. They didn't find out about the meeting until about one hour prior, according to McSwane.

Andy said...


Andy said...

I can just see it: the Parade Magazine insert, coming soon to the CSU Collegian.