Wednesday, January 2


With the new year comes everyone's list of what went wrong last year and what will go wrong this year. Here are a few favorites:

-- Hank Steuver's The List of what's in and out for 2008 from the Washington Post. Out: Miss Manners, In: Ask a Mexican (for real).

-- Time's Top Ten Manmade Disasters, which is among 50 such lists from the newsmag. Guess what melts glaciers and earned the number one spot? (Hint: It's not Al Gore's private jet.)

-- The FBI's Top News Stories of 2007.

-- Bill Maher's list of nominees for 2007 Dickhead of the Year from Rolling Stone. A quick scan of the photos of candidates implies that President Bush made the list twice, but Maher is also offering consideration to the one-quarter of the country's citizens who actually still support him.

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