Thursday, January 24

memba Lissie?

Longtime NoCo music fans have to remember the gorgeous songstress who was simply known as Lissie, sorta like Cher, or Madonna, or Rupaul, but with more granola.

This would've been, like, five years ago now. She came out of relative nowhere, playing solo-acoustic, original material at open mics, like everyone else, but then she blew up locally. Lissie even headlined the Aggie. I dare anyone to name another solo, acoustic, folky local artist to headline the Aggie. One has to wonder if her obvious hotness had something to do with it.

Well, Lissie had stars in her eyes and left our dear hamlet to pursue dreams bigger than the Choice City. Now, apparently, she lives in Hollywood, and Lenny Kravitz (or his people) asked her to go his way, on tour. Her MySpace page makes no mention of Fort Collins, the Aggie, or anything NoCo related. Clearly, she has forgotten her roots. And her music — it sounded better before some big-time producer slicked it up to sound like the marketable crap everyone else is shilling. Or did it? I can't really remember.


ZAF622 said...

It will be interesting to keep an eye on Tickle Me Pink and see how much they mention Fort Collins as they rise up the rock and roll ranks.

mpmonroe said...

I know Lissie personally and know for a fact that she cares a great deal for all the help and friends she met in Fort Collins, CO. If you in fact went to her myspace page you would see the following;

“I played a lot of open mics in the towns I visited and in Fort Collins, Colorado where I went to college.”

It was nice of you to write a blog about her since she must have had some impact on your life, so thanks for that. If you had gone to her same my space page and asked her to talk to you maybe you could have had an article published in the paper instead of writing a blog that does not require any facts.