Saturday, January 19

saturday night in englewood

Recommended by Elliott Johnston, the Chronicle's arts and entertainment editor.

Catch Lupe Fiasco at the Gothic Theatre, with Optimus opening. Doors open at 7 p.m., and tickets are $30 for those sixteen and older.

Fiasco, who launched his career by guesting on a Kanye West track, is a Muslim, whose faith and nerdy obsession with robots juxtapose compellingly with his love of hip-hop. At one moment he's talking eloquent trash about rap's fixation with groupies and bling; in the next, he's professing love for Too Short's influence.

The Cool, his sophomore effort and billed as a concept album, is meeting high critical praise. Many — from the primarily indie-rock-focused, online tastemakers Pitchfork to rap mogul Jay-Z — have talked up Fiasco as the new vital voice of hip-hop.

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