Thursday, January 17

Stashed away

The ongoing saga of Northern Colorado medical-marijuana warriors James and Lisa Masters continues. The couple is looking to get compensation, maybe upwards of $80,000, for destroyed marijuana, courtesy of the Fort Collins Police. The following press release came in late yesterday from their attorney, Brian Vicente of Sensible Colorado:

On Thursday, January 17, caregiver couple James and Lisa Masters will file a request for compensation for the medical marijuana plants that were seized from their home and returned destroyed. According to DEA estimates, the 39 plants are worth thousands of dollars each. The request for compensation, filed with the Larimer District Court, will be the first such request in Colorado history.

"Colorado law states that plants seized in connection with the claimed use of medical marijuana shall not be destroyed while in the possession of state or local law enforcement." said Brian Vicente, an attorney for the Masters. "The police were aware that these plants were for medical use-- and they destroyed them anyway."

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