Monday, February 25

Department of Thanks, But No Thanks

Obama might be getting some unwelcome help in picking apart Hillary. This morning, Tom Tancredo put out a press release, which included a letter to Clinton that asks for details on a statement she made about abandoned babies and immigrant deportation during last week's debate:

An excerpt:
Mr. [Jorge] Ramos [of Univision] asked you for your opinion on recent immigration enforcement actions taken by Homeland Security officials and whether or not you believe these enforcement actions should continue. You responded by telling him that you oppose these immigration enforcement efforts “except in egregious situations” because they have resulted in “literally babies being left with no one to take care of them [and] children coming home from school, no responsible adult left.”

I found this statement intriguing. I have never heard of a situation where babies or children were left in the U.S. without anyone to take care of them as a result of immigration enforcement efforts and was hoping that you or your staff might be able to provide me with more information about the specifics of the case[s] to which you were referring in your statement.
Obama/Tancredo...hmmm, has a funny ring to it.

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