Thursday, February 7

Dept. of GROSS: snail trail

Lots to be learned from the story linked below. First, a clear definition of the term "snail trail," something I can only be all-the-better for now knowing. But perhaps more importantly, a clear reason why it is best to wash clothes before wearing. Yes, I need a reason. I'm a leave-the-tag-on-for-as-long-as-possible-in-case-I-need-to-return kinda guy. Not no mo'. And third, though I've never been, I now know Old Navy folks can be jerks.

But the question I leave to you for comments, dear Holla readers, is what is the male version of a snail trail? Let's name it.

(This is SFW but may be difficult for the squeamish, easily grossed out, etc.)

I'd like to learn more about snail trails.

I'd rather look at puppies.

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