Thursday, February 21

flash mob pillow fight

Familiar with a flash mob? No? A flash mob is when a group of people, who converge in a public place all at once, do something unusual at the same time (lie down, freeze in a pose, etc.), then leave as inexplicably as they arrived. It's a sort of public spectacle/performance-art thing.

Well, last Saturday (yeah, we're a bit late on this and blame the FCGBs for not letting us know!), the FC Ghostbusters organized a flash-mob pillow fight in Old Town. Judging from the YouTube video posted below, it was more group than mob, but what a wonderful beginning. Hopefully the five-minute event will lead to more mob activity. No, not like Tony Soprano.


ZAF622 said...

Improv Everywhere has this down to a science. My favorite has to be the group of people they gathered to wear blue polo shirts and khakis to invade a Best Buy.

5 Alive said...

Yeah, well done flash mobs seem to make some sort of a statement, however intangible. That's likely a result of evolving from political actions. The Best Buy example has that. Not sure the pillow fight does; that seems more spectacle. Maybe next time they should all go to Whole Foods and start grazing in the bulk aisle.

But I think it's great and really don't want to critique it. Just ideas.