Tuesday, February 5

i go obama and paul

Despite logging hours of research putting together random knowledge on the presidential candidates last week, the Chronicle did not issue endorsements. I can hardly speak for the rest of the staff, but my picks are easily Barack Obama and Ron Paul. We can discuss why later tonight while getting our drink on and watching the returns roll in.

My plan is to head to Avogadro's Number, 605 S. Mason St., at 7 p.m. Avo's tends to have the most critical and engaged barflies, and it's also Tempeh Tuesday (tempeh burgers are two for one). Word on the Dem street is that precincts have to report to the state office by 9:30 p.m. so they can announce the numbers by ten. And with the Larimer Dems' office just across the street, I'm hoping some party people will wander over for a shot or two at some point throughout the evening.

In the meantime, keep up with Super Tuesday coverage via the caucus feeds provided along the right column.

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