Tuesday, February 26

I like white people stuff that's cool!

I sometimes think "white culture" is a contradiction of terms, or at least better described as "mainstream culture" or "pop culture," even if it is co-opted from other cultures. Then you find something like this blog, Stuff White People Like, and start to wonder if a distinct, if not boring, white culture is definable. I have yet to read all the posts, but I suspect somewhere in there is "Blogs About Things White People Like."

An excerpt from "Threatening to Move to Canada":

For example, if you are watching TV with white people and there is a piece on the news about that they do not agree with, they are likely to declare “ok, that’s it, I’m moving to Canada.”

Though they will never actually move to Canada, the act of declaring that they are willing to undertake the journey is very symbolic in white culture. It shows that their dedication to their lifestyle and beliefs are so strong, that they would consider packing up their entire lives and moving to a country that is only slightly similar to the one they live in now.

Within white culture, it is agreed upon that if Canada had better weather it would be a perfect place.

(Via Newspeak, Via Portland Mercury)

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