Friday, February 22

Media circus performs full Nelson

There was something somewhat reassuring to the media's obsession with Timothy Masters' case, considering the implications of misconduct throughout the criminal-justice and law-enforcement realms in Northern Colorado (and of course the possibility that an innocent man received an unfair trial and was jailed for a crime he didn't commit).

Well, that's over, and now the Justice Center parking lot is filled with TV vans for the trial of Shawna Nelson, accused of killing her ex-lover's wife. Nelson's husband was a Weld County sheriff; her boyfriend was a Greeley city police officer, and she had his child as a result of the affair. In other words, it's made-for-TV and ripped-from-the-headlines kinda interesting (read: sensational), but not comparable to the Masters' hearing — unless we're strictly paying attention to possible ratings and circulation potential.

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