Monday, February 25

Memba The Service Bar?

Years back, in the alley parallel to West Mountain Ave in Fort Collins, behind Trailhead Tavern, there was a bar where only those in the service industry could drink. There was no signage; the hours varied; since it was "members only," you could smoke post-smoking ban; and they got in trouble for Porn Night, when porn was projected onto a big screen.

Well, the space is finding new life as the home of Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center. The center has sold its previous location at 309 North Sunset, is currently borrowing space at the Oakwood School (1401 West Mountain Ave.), and hopes to be up-and-running at 126A West Mountain (old Service Bar) in mid March.

This is not to be confused with the Heruka Buddhist Meditation Center at 825 Remmington. Heruka is still there, though if a flier at Cafe Ardour is to be believed they are looking for a roommate (yes, to live there). The Shambhala center is looking for volunteers to paint their new digs at the end of the week.

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Joe said...

It's a good thing to hear they're moving so close.
Now Zaffos will have a friendly stress-free zone to participate in his life long inner journey to becoming a Sawang, or "Earth Lord," for those not well versed in the worldly benefits of Shambhala Meditation.