Monday, February 4

Obama for Kegmaster General

If Dubya has anything going for him these days, it's that he still sorta has that guy-you'd-like-to-have-a-beer-with quality, a man likely to share some good stories and dirty jokes, and pay for rounds of shots. The National Beer Wholesalers Association is trying to find out if a 2008 candidate has the bar-buddy advantage.

From a press release:

Many Colorado voters know how they will cast their ballots tomorrow, but there's another vote taking place right now: which candidate do voters want to have a beer with? The candidates have stumped on economic policy, highlighted their health care plans and fought over foreign policy. So which candidate do drinking-age voters want to sit down with and chat about those hot-button issues over a beer? The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) has launched an online, non-scientific survey at to answer the question,"Which of the presidential candidates would you like to have a beer with in 2008?"

Throughout the primary season, voters of legal drinking age can cast their "ballot" at or The site shows in real-time the percentage of votes that each candidate has received, as well as video of interviews with voters in the early primary states about how they selected which candidates they would like to have a brew with.
Right now, Obama is in the lead with 37 percent. Ron Paul has 20 percent and John McCain has 19 percent. Mitt Romney has scored just 4 percent, which seems like it makes sense. Maybe he'll win the poll for "Which presidential candidate would you only hang out with if he agreed to be the designated driver for the night?"


Seth said...

I wonder if those four percent are expecting Romney to abandon his Mormon beliefs simply to have a drink with them? :)

Zaffos said...

Maybe we should draft some kind of presidential/Mormon cocktail for Romney to sip -- perhaps vodka and Mormon tea, which is a natural source of ephedrine and the desert-plant equivalent of Red Bull. Now, we just need a catchy name.