Wednesday, February 6

Welcome to LaRomney County

The Larimer County Republican Party has posted its caucus totals from last night on its website. Mitt Romney was nearly four times more popular locally than the next closest candidate, John McCain. Pretty impressive, except that Romney failed to repeat this kind of showing in most states where there are people or political clout.

Colorado was among just seven states that preferred Romney. Several of those wins, like his home state of Massachusetts and his religious homeland of Utah, were slam dunks, while Alaska, Montana and North Dakota aren't exactly the Super Tuesday coups that get a candidate his party nomination.

Jonathan Weisman at the Washington Post blog, The Trail, points out that Romney is now in competition with 1996 Republican presidential wannabe Phil Gramm for spending the most money per delegate (with a hat tip to Slog).

Of note: Barack Obama did just as well as Tom Tancredo among Larimer County Republicans. Both scored one caucus vote last night, but it might be best for everyone not to look too deeply into this. (The county Dems don't have similar stats on their site as of now.)

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