Friday, March 14

Get up, get into it, get involved: Ouzo, Kubrick and poetry edition

John Kefalas' campaign kicks off with a Greek apps campaign fundraiser at FC city councilmember Lisa Poppaw’s house, 2945 Stonehaven Dr., in Fort Collins, 6 to 9 pm. (Being Greek and all, I loves me some spanakopita, but I'll probably pass on the event for a few reasons.) The campaign is asking for $52 donations: that's John's district number.

The Loveland Public Library's Big Brother is Watching series is showing A Clockwork Orange in the library's Gertrude Scott room at 300 N. Adams at 7pm for free.

And the good folks at Go West are hosting the Matter release party at 1725 Heath Parkway in Fort Collins from 7 to 10pm. Cost is $20, which goes to support Matter and includes a copy of the newest edition, The Woods, and food and drink. Charlie Parr will be performing (I caught part of his show last night at Avo's and he's well worth checking out), among others, including one of the Chronicle's own.

On Saturday:
FC is hosting its annual St. Patrick's Day parade through Old Town.

For Sunday:
Save Grassroots Radio is having an anniversary party potluck at River Rock Co-housing, 520 N. Sherwood St., in Fort Collins. For more on the group and its efforts, check out this story and this one from the Chronicle's Brian Hull.

And don't forget to check out the Chronicle's listings and music calendar for what-else going on around the county.

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