Thursday, March 27

I'm lovin' (and mournin') it

Elaine at the first drive-thru window at the McDonald's on the corner of North College and Willox says that most mornings the breakfast Extra Value Meal #2, the Sausage McMuffin, is the most popular order. But this morning, she tells me that people are choosing the #1, the original Egg McMuffin, perhaps as a delicious tribute to Herb Peterson, the breakfast delight's inventor who died yesterday at the ripe old age of 89.

I can't say Peterson's passing made the Egg McMuffin taste any less fantastic, but I did drive away with a heavy heart, weighed down with grief and five grams of saturated fats, 235 milligrams of cholesterol and 840 milligrams of sodium.

1 comment:

Zaffos said...

Question: Is it OK to serve Happy Meals at a funeral?

Question: How many days should Mayor McCheese fly the flag at half-mast for Mr. Peterson?

Question: What does the inventor of the McSkillet need to have happen to be remembered with similarly loving fondness?