Wednesday, March 5

It's a bird. It's a plane. It negates the popular vote.

It's a superdelegate. And Colorado has fourteen.

After Hillary's wins in Texas, Ohio and one mini-state yesterday, it appears Obama is still ahead in delegates of the average variety, while Hillary has 254 duh-duh-duh duh superdelegates, a word sure to make an end-of-the-year list or four. Obama has 202, with 256 still undecided.

For those as confused as the rest of us, a superdelegate, or "unpledged party leader and elected official delegates [PLEOs]" as described by Democratic Party rules, is a voting attendee of the convention that, in instances of near ties like we seem to have now, can decide the party nomination.

In Colorado, according to the New York Times, Obama and Hillary are currently tied four-four with superdelegates. Hillary has Congresswoman Diana DeGette and three party officials. Obama has Congressman Ed Perimutter and three party officials. But six are still undecided.

These super-duper delegates can decide whom they want to support based on whatever they like. If you're a dem, perhaps help them decide one way or the other? (McCain is doing just fine and needs no help with delegates, super or normal. The Republican Party has people like superdelegates but don't call them that. They call them various things like "bonus delegate." No joke.)

Here are the undecided PLEOs: Governor Bill Ritter, former Governor Roy Romer, Senator Ken Salazar, Congressman John Salazar, Congressman Mark Udall and Colorado Democratic Party Chair Patricia Waak.

I'm pulling for Obama. Just sayin'.

(And I will be commenting later about last night's turd tossing at City Hall. I'm still vomiting when I think of it.)

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