Tuesday, March 4

Jarding suspends campaign for HD-49

This press release just came into the Chronicle newsroom:
Lilias Jarding announced today that she has suspended her campaign for Colorado State House District 49, which encompasses areas in both Larimer and Weld counties, from the Wyoming border to Windsor, and including Red Feather Lakes, Estes Park, Berthoud, Wellington, and areas outside of Fort Collins and Loveland.

“My family has experienced some unforeseen health problems following the announcement of my candidacy for House District 49. It has become clear that these problems require my full attention in order to meet my family’s needs,” stated Jarding.

“Basically, my campaign has fallen victim to the shortcomings of our healthcare financing system, and although currently a self-employed business owner, our family’s situation requires that I get other employment.”

“I will, of course, help other candidates and continue to work against uranium mining, as my time allows. Our electoral system depends on there being at least two candidates in every race to ensure a full discussion of issues and to keep incumbents accountable to the people they represent. It is my sincere hope that another candidate will come forward quickly and enter the race for House District 49,” she concluded.

For more information please contact the Weld and Larimer County Democratic parties.
My early speculation is that 2006 Democratic candidate Sue Radford could pick up the torch for Jarding and try again to take down Kevin Lundberg, but Radford is also busy trying to promote a ballot initiative for a state "carbon tax shift."

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