Wednesday, March 19

On your marks, get set ... brand!

The City of Fort Collins has officially opened the race to offer an alternative to the recent logo redesign, which citizens pretty much unanimously hated. And by hated, I mean one might think the City was proposing to build new signage out of depleted uranium.

Handfuls of marketing bigwigs have already thrown their hats in the ring to earn the $2,500 the City is offering for the job. And given public response for the seaside/feminine product design that North Star Destination Strategies dumped on the City, the "alternative" has a fighting chance.

Proposal requests can be accessed online or by stopping by the Purchasing Office, 215 North Mason St., second floor. But of course we encourage you to submit to our logo redesign contest.

The City will also be soliciting public input at forums and online regarding the brandprint, and says it will also solicit public comment on submitted designs on its website.

Here's a hint: Add Canada geese.

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