Wednesday, March 12

Pack media: Hookah Horror!

Jon Stewart once compared mainstream media to youth soccer. When you watch them, they all stand in a huddle around the ball, then the ball will pop up out of the crowd, land across the field, and the mass will chase it.

Clearly, the Spitzer deal is actual news, which will hopefully subside now that he is resigning, though I expect a few more weeks of analyzing hookers by pundits. Maybe we'll get a hooker pundit out of the deal! A whore correspondent?

But another cluster of media is currently surrounding hookahs. No, not a New York way of saying "hooker," but the group water pipe that's the center of attention at two bars in Fort Collins, which seems to be the source of a Denver news soccer match. Apparently the hookah can cause herpes. Usually not genital, but the cold sore variety. Both 7 News and Rocky Mountain News covered this, complete with an explanation of what this herpes device is. Search Google News and you'll find that these hookah horror stories are popping up everywhere. Chase that ball, kids!

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