Thursday, March 20

Today in robots: Suicide bot

I promise my obsession with robots will subside shortly, or at least not spill onto Holla. But I came across something in the news I really can't hold in.

In "More Than Meets the Eye," I quote Ian Bernstein of RoadNarrows saying, in regards to the potential for robots to attack humans, “People are going to develop [robots] for a specific purpose. For them to branch out of that purpose seems impossible.” The military is already developing robot killing machines, but it's unlikely they'll turn around and attack the operator. But what if it was developed for that purpose?

An 81-year-old Australian man was killed by a robot he developed for just that. Don't laugh. It's not funny. The robot shot him four times while standing in his driveway.

In lighter robot news, here's a website that hosts altered art to include robots. Awesome!


ZAF622 said...

Speaking of robots have you seen this video? BigDog Robot. It creeps me out big time. I can imagine myself in my basement hiding as this paws at the windows. Probably around the year 2015 or so.

5 Alive said...

The noise alone gives me the heeby jeebies.