Tuesday, April 8

Bacon! Even veggies love it!

It's a well-known fact that everything is better with bacon. Poll your local veggie friends, and what they miss most, what they still crave eight out of ten times is bacon. One of the Chronicle's favorite vegetarians, contributor Bethany Kohoutek, sent me a link to an article on the Not Martha (Stewart) site for making bacon cups, like this:

Is that not the best reason to eat a salad? You could put anything in that cup, and it would be palatable. And it's easy to make. Here's the basic idea:

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bethany said...

It really is genius. I mean, you could fashion a bacon cup for any occasion. Imagine a batch of bacon cupcakes for your kid's Girl Scout troupe. Or filling it with chocolate mousse for a classy gourmet dessert for discerning friends. If you sealed up the edges real good, you could probably eat breakfast cereal out of the damn thing. The advent of the bacon cup should make us all really proud of how far we've come as an American epicurean society. God bless this U.S. of A., and all the pigs that have given so freely the fat of their bellies.